The purpose of these two columns is to briefly outline positions and historical stances of the  two candidates.  Obviously the Republican Party is supporting Mr. Romney.  However, we have pledged in this tab to portray the facts as correctly as possible.  If you feel the facts are otherwise on an issue please contact us through our Education Committee. Please understand, however, that this tab is also of an editorial nature and our comments are reflected in that.
          Mitt Romney

Willard Mitt Romney is an American businessman and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States in the 2012 election. He was the 70th Governor of Massachusetts.
Born: March 12, 1947 (age 65), Detroit
Full name: Willard Mitt Romney
Net worth: US$ 200 million (2012)
Spouse: Ann Romney (m. 1969)
Education: Harvard Business School (1975), Harvard Law 
                 School (1975), More
Children: Tagg Romney, Craig Romney, Matt Romney, Ben 
              Romney, Josh Romney

Charitable Giving in 2011

A little over four million dollars; almost 19% of his income

Religious Views

Life member of the Mormon Church.  Served as a missionary for 30 months.  Served as bishop and state president of his church for 10 years.  His church is very supportive of organizations such as Boy Scouts and are very supportive of patriotic duty.

Job Creation

In 1984, he co-founded Bain Capital, a private equity investment firm; one of the largest such firms in America. Starting with one small office supply store in Massachusetts, turned it into Staples now with over 2,000 stores employing 90,000 people.  Other business, helped by Bain include Domino's, Sealy, Brookstone, Weather Cahnnel, Burger King, Warner Music Group, Dollarama and Home Depot.

Views on Marriage

Supports a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman according to the National Organization for Marriage pledge he signed. He also pledged to support the Defense of Marriage Act in court.

The Second Amendment and Gun Rights

According to his campaign website he does not believe that the U.S. needs additional laws that restrict the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. He states that he will enforce the laws already on the books and punish to the fullest extent of the law, criminals who use firearms to commit crimes.  He does not support adding more laws and regulations that do nothing more than burden law-abiding citizens while being ignored by criminals.

In all fairness he has not always held quite as strong a position on the 2nd Amendment as he does now. In 1994 he publicly stated that he didn't "line up with the NRA (National Rifle Association).  He also supported a ban in Massachusetts on so called assault weapons.  However, it appears he had a major change of heart which he has explained in various speeches. As governor he declared May 7, 2005 as "The RIght to Bear Arms Day" and in August of 2006 signed up to become a Life Member of the NRA.  In a video address at a NRA Conference on September 24, 2007 he said; "I support the Second Amendment as one of the most basic and fundamental rights of every American."

In a speech given on May 15, 2009 Romney said: "No Constitutional protection is more often ignored, distorted, or disdained that the individual right to deep and bear arms."

The Abortion Issue

Romney states that he is pro-life and that abortion should be limited to only instances of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.  He supports the reversal of Roe v. Wade calling it "bad law and bad medicine." He calls it a misguided ruling that was a result of small group of activist federal judges legislating from the bench. 

He supports the Hyde Amendment, which broadly bars the use of federal funds (tax dollars) for abortions. He pledges as president to support efforts to prohibit federal funding (taxes) for any organization such as Planned Parenthood which primarily performs abortions and offers abortion related services. He also has pledged to reinstate the Mexico City Policy to ensure that nongovernmental organizations that receive funding from America refrain from performing or promoting abortion services as a method of family planning in other countries.  This would include ending American funding for and United Nations or other foreign assistance program that performs or promotes abortion anywhere in the world.

In all fairness Mr. Romney has not always been this strong on pro-life and in the past supported some pro-abortion issues. 

Mr. Romney has the endorsement of Right to Life as well as the personal endorsement of Dr. John Willkie, President of Life Issues Institute, Founder and 22 year president of International Right to Life Federation and co-founder, 10 year (past) president of the National Right to Life Committee.

Domestic Energy Production

Mr. Romney proposes to increase domestic production of oil by implementing the following:
  • Conduct comprehensive survey of America's energy reserves
  • Open America's energy reserves for development
  • Expand opportunities for U.S. resource developers to forge partnerships with neighboring countries
  • Support construction of pipelines to bring Canadian oil to the United States
  • Prevent over regulation of shale gas development and extraction.
He further plans to develop a rational and streamlined approach to rapid progress in development of our domestic reserves of oil and natural gas and allow for further investment in nuclear power by:

  • Establishing fixed timetables for all resource development approvals
  • Creating one-stop shop to streamline permitting process for approval of common activities
  • Implementing fast-track procedures for companies with established safety records to conduct pre-approved activities in pre-approved ares.
  • Ensuring that enviromental laws properly account for cost in regulatory processes
  • Amend Clean Air Act to exclude carbon dioxide from its purview
  • Expanding NRC capabilities for approval of additioanl nuclear reactor designs
  • Streamling NRC process to ensure that licensing decisions for reators on or adjacent to approved sites, using approved designs, are complete within two years

With regard to alternative energy sources Mr. Romney believes that government has a role to play in innovation in the energy industry.  History shows that the United States has moved forward in astonishing ways thanks to national investment in basic research and advanced technology.  However, we should not be in the business of steering investment toward particular politically favored approaches.  That is a recipe for both time and money wasted on projects that do not bring us dividends.  The failure of windmills and solar plants to become economically viable or make a significant contribution to our energy supply is a prime example.  He does support:

  • Concentrating alternative energy funding on basic research
  • Utilizing long-term, apolitical funding mechanisms like ARPA-E for basic research.

         Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. 
Born: August 4, 1961 (age 50), Honolulu
Full name: Barack Hussein Obama II
Net worth: US$ 10.5 million (2010)
SpouseMichelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama
Education: Harvard Law School (1988–1991),Columbia    
                 University (1983), More
Children: Natasha Obama, Malia Ann Obama

Charitable Giving in 2011

Gave 1% of his income to Charity.  Think that's a little stingy? His Vice President, Mr. Biden gave a total of $300 or .0013%.  Where's the share the wealth here?

Religious Views

Attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for over 20 years.  Rev Wright preached racial hatred and called upon God to "damn" America.  Mr. Obama said he didn't pick up on those messages.  Maybe that's why his faith can evolve into accepting practices that he once said his Christian faith wouldn't allow him to accept.

Job Creation

While we know that presidents don't create jobs the way private business does we do acknowledge they can help create a climate for companies such as Bain to work their magic.  We don't seem to have that climate after more than three years of Mr. Obama's economic structuring.  To be truthful, Mr. Obama has added over 100,000 jobs to the Federal payroll.  Of course those jobs are paid for by the people who work for companies like Bain.  It's called taxes!

Views on Marriage

Not only did Mr. Obama become the first U.S. President to support same sex marriage but his administration no longer enforces the 1996 DOMA act because it believes it is unconstitutional.  I thought the Judicial branch determined constitutionality not he Executive.  Guess that evolved too.

The Second Amendment and Gun Rights

Publicly many of Mr. Obama's statements about the Second Amendment and Gun Rights are much like Mr. Romney's.  He does have a track record of playing both sides of the fence on gun issues.  He publicly stated that he supported closing the "loophole" of no background checks of firearms at gun shows which anti-gun people supported but has taken no steps to actually close the so-called loophole.  He has done the same on other issues--speaking one way to placate the gun control crowd yet not following through to placate the pro-gun crowd.

What is more telling is the fact that he has surrounded himself with some of the most rabid anti-Second Amendment people such as Attorney General Eric Holder who actually in the past has called for "brain-washing" he public into viewing guns as evil. His secretary of State Hillary Clinton is set to sign into a United Nations treaty that can easily be used to limit or abolish gun ownership in America.  While the administration says it won't allow that it's history tells us that it is not above using convenient laws to achieve its purposes.  The NRA is very public of its opposition to Mr. Obama because of his overall track record on this subject.

The Abortion Issue

In 1997, then Senator Obama voted against SB 230, a bill designed to prevent partial-birth abortions. He also voted against requiring minors who get out of state abortions to notify their parents. The National Abortion Rights League gave him a 100% score on his pro-abortion voting record in the Senate for 2005, 2006 and 2007.

On March 30, 2001 Mr. Obama was the only Illinois senator who rose to speak against a bill that would have protected babies who survived late term labor induced abortion.  He objected because he stated that if the bill passed,  and a nine month-old fetus survived a late-term labor-induced abortion was deemed to be a person who had a right to live, then the law would "forbid abortions to take place".  He further explained that the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment does not allow somebody to kill a child, so if the law deemed a child who survived a late-term labor-induced abortion had a right to live, "then this would be an anti-abortion statute."

In all fairness Mr. Obama has made statements that sound more pro-life than pro-abortion, however, his voting record is pretty stark.  Think carefully about his late-term labor-induced argument.  What he is saying is that if a doctor gives a drug to cause a woman to go into labor at the end of a full-term pregnancy because she doesn't want the baby and that baby is born alive it is not a real person and therefore can be killed or left to die.  If that same baby was born a week before its time or even several weeks or months before full-term it is then a real human.   What Mr. Obama and those who agree with him are saying is that the mother by choosing to have a chemical induced delivery determines if that fully developed child is a real person or not.  Whether that child can live outside the womb is  not the issue.  The deciding factor is if the mother wants the child to live outside the womb. 

Domestic Energy Production

The first three years of Mr. Obama's administration has witnessed a severe slow down in developing real domestic energy.  This has resulted in sapping economic performance, curtailing growth and killing jobs.

The administration has taken measures to limit energy exploration in our country. For instance, it has blocked off-shore drilling in U.S. waters while applauding increased drilling off the coast of Brazil. The same administration has blocked construction of a pipeline that would bring Canadian oil to the United States knowing full well that the result would be Canadian oil flowing to China instead. Numerous regulations have been proposed which would drive up energy prices while destroying millions of jobs.

At the same time Mr. Obama and his cronies have been spending billions of dollars on alternative energy forms and touting its creation of "green" jobs. That seems to be more of a "Faith" issue than "Fact" issue when it comes to the economics of the whole thing.  The "green" technologies are typically far too expensive to compete in the marketplace and studies have shown that for every "green" job created there are actually more jobs destroyed.  Despite huge amounts of government money all this "alternative" research and projects have failed to help the economy.  In fact much of the money has simply been wasted.  Remember "Solyndra"?

A visit to Romney's website finds a rather detailed plan for energy solution.  A visit to Mr. Obama's website finds many little "diddies" telling how well all the alternative energy projects are doing and how well our overall energy program is doing. 

Funny, the last time I went to the gas station it still cost me the better part of a hundred dollar bill.  

Funny, I don't seen new drilling, refineries or pipelines.  Neither do I see the jobs they would create.

However, the website does look cool.  It uses lots of little icons and pictures and snippets whereas Mr. Romney's just uses a lot of words.  Of course those words actually form a coherent plan whether you agree with it or not.

The more research you do the more you will find the Democrats and Mr. Obama especially in the area of energy production just want to produce pictures and "feel good" sound bites but as I said I haven't noticed it at the gas pumps yet.