Cheboygan County Delegates to the 2013 State Convention meet with Governor Snyder.

Mike Ekkens, (left) receives a COLD STEEL Kukri Machete as the winner of the 2013 Northern Lights Christian Sportsman's Fellowship Wild Game Celebration.  The Cheboygan County Republican Party is supportive of organizations that are supportive of families in our county.




Our 2nd Annual Mackinac Straits Sunset Cruise
Make plans to join us next year for this
"FUN" Fundraiser!


One of our young Republicans, Skylerr Cavit (center) with left to right Greg McMaster, Howard Walker, Peter Pettalia and Frank Foster


                          Photo: James Plumlee and Kendra Vieau  Decisions, decisions... cupcake or banana?                 Photo: Left to Right: James Plumlee, Kendra Vieau, Roger Kopernik, Sharon Sheridan (elephant hat), Emma Cavitt, Cameron Cavitt and Moriah Plumlee.  Also participated but not pictured are Nancy Whales and Cathy A. Stone. 

2012 M-DOT clean up days in Topinabee

                                2012-07-21 07.46.07 MDOT Kathy.jpg               2012-07-21 07.46.20 another MDOT.jpg


Sharon Sheridan working away at our 2012 Cheboygan Headquarters


2012 4th of July Parade in Cheboygan


July 7th, 2012 Mullet Lake Event